You never know how much they say “Wildcats” in High School Musical til you have to drink everytime they do.

I’m reblogging this not because they say Wildcats a lot but because we’re acting on the assumption that people who are old enough to drink sit around playing drinking games to HSM and that’s beautiful. 




Ensky’s new CharaPuka Free! bath toy set has been revealed, and not only is it the boys in elementary school form, but they come with their little spirit animals!!

Note the details that Rei has on a different swimsuit than the others! And notice Haruka’s expression is different in the second image. That means this set may also have two versions of each boy! (Haru’s original two expressions can be seen in this post :D)

No release date yet!




In anime fandoms, you’ll find:

- the ship where the two guys hate each other
- the ship with the stoic one and the emotional one OR the asshole and the sweetheart
- the ship where they’re childhood friends and soulmates
- the ship that says “you will never be alone, I promise” and ends tragically

in naruto that is all the same ship